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Stream of the Week: Jesus You Are Holy by Mohale


A simple melody of praise

Male gospel newcomer Mohale, has lived up to his promise of releasing a new single titled ‘Jesus You Are Holy‘. The Soweto resident launched his singing career in the midst of the global lockdown on the 4th of July 2020 when he uploaded a YouTube video of himself singing a self-composed acoustic song titled ‘Lost Without You’. To his surprise, the video was well received on Social Media building in him the confidence to work towards his first official single.

Fast forward to Friday the 25th of September, Mohale has released ‘Jesus You Are Holy‘ on all online platforms. The song which he describes as a ‘church song’ is aimed to declare God’s Holiness. Mohale’s wish is for the song to be sung in churches during their praise and worship segments. “It is a simple melody of praise”, Mohale says.

Mohale is available on Facebook as Mohale Mamarara and @mohalemamarara on Instagram and Twitter. For its simplicity, great delivery, and heart of praise, ‘Jesus You Are Holy‘ is our stream of the week. Click on the button below to listen on your favourite platform.