Ground breaking visuals!

At GospelBuzz we love pretty images, and this weeks video of the week delivers just that. Inspired by an African beat, Mshana De.Ev (pronounced Mshana the Eve) collaborated with gospel crooner Thami Mvelase and the colouful
pop queen Fey M to remind us that God is all knowing and has a purpose for all of us through the visuals for the single Unkulunkulu Uyaz (God knows).

What attracted us to the video was the fresh colourful visuals, with sandy beaches and blue skies as a backdrop to the tropical rhythmed song. The lush green vegetation, colourful props and costumes, combined with aerial shots are a refreshing move away from the gospel repertoire we have become accustomed to in the gospel fraternity.

Asking about the song, Divine Rhythms Productions commented: “This is an inspirational song to encourage us that beyond the pandemic, God Knows the plan he has for us and no one can halt it.” “We have aspirations and dreams that will be fulfilled if we keep pushing towards our goals,” they added.

For uplifting our spirits visually, we say, halala. #GospelBuzz