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Music Business Corner: How to write a Bio (Part I)


20 questions a musician bio should answer

If you are a newcomer, writing an impressive artist bio (short for biograph) can be extremely difficult. Best action is to seek professional help and get a PR agency, Music Business Consultant or Author to help. If however cash is a problem, you might have to try doing it yourself. Regardless of the direction you take, below are 20 questions you should answer in order to get that bio finished.

An example of a Bio


  1. What music genre do your perform/record?
  2. What other genres do you fit into?
  3. Give 5 words that describe your music e.g. uplifting, god-centered, upbeat, acoustic, etc.
  4. What is another quality of your music that could also be used to describe food e.g. rich, sweet, fulfilling, warm, etc.
  5. Why did you first start making music?
  6. Where are you from?
  7. Where are you based now?
  8. What is the best compliment you have ever received about your music?
  9. What is the biggest event you have performed at?
  10. What is your latest release?
  11. What is your biggest musical achievement? (i.e. Award nominations, competitions won, working with a popular artist, appearing on TV etc.)
  12. What kind of shows or venues do you wish to be invited to? (e.g. Lounges,  Clubs, Churches, Festivals, Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Parties etc.)
  13. Who do people say you sound like?
  14. Give 3 words that describe your live performances e.g. Energetic, Intimate, Flamboyant etc.
  15. Which famous artists have you shared a stage with?
  16. Do you have any associations with charitable causes?
  17. How have you worked with them?
  18. What is unique about your image? (i.e. How can people identify you from a crowd)
  19. What are you focusing your time on now (e.g. recording you next single, recording a full album, writing new music, touring, etc.)
  20. What is your favorite saying or phrase?

By taking time to answer these questions in full, giving carefully thought colourful responses, you will be in a position to empower whoever is writing your bio to do a great job. #GospelBuzz

Andile Nkosi is a Music Producer, Distributor and Business Coach. He writes for GospelBuzz in his own capacity. Follow his Page on Facebook: @andilenkosiTV or follow the hashtag #MusicBizSA