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Music Business Corner: Three (3) Associations every musician should be familiar with


Understanding what SAMRO, POSA and CAPASSO can do for you

By Sakhele Mzalazala. Edited by Andile Nkosi

Ask any South African musician about music rights organizations and they will tell you about SAMRO. Although, important there are 2 other organizations that every musician should be familiar with, our resident Music Rights guru Sakhele Mzalazala schools us.

SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organization)

SAMRO protects the rights of composers and authors both nationally and internationally. They also collect license fees from music users (e.g. television broadcasters, radio stations, pubs, retailers, clubs etc.) which are businesses that broadcast or play music for a public.

POSA (Performance Organization of South Africa)

POSA administers Needletime Rights of behalf of the recording artist/musician in South Africa. Needletime Rights royalties are monies paid to performers for the public performance of their commercially released recorded music. Performers include lead singers, backup vocalists, instrumentalists (e.g. guitar, keys, sax etc.). If you performed in a song recording, then you have needletime royalties to your name.

Backing vocalists also earn needletime royalties

CAPASSO (Composers Authors and Publishers Association)

CAPASSO collects and distributes mechanical royalties to publishers and composers. Mechanical Royalties are earned,whenever your music is reproduced and sold through either physical copies (i.e CD, Vinyl, DVD, USB etc.) or via streaming.

CAPASSO licenses the reproduction and reformatting of musical works. This is because a mechamical right is raised whenever a reproduction (copy) or format transfer takes place. CAPASSO has a mandate from its members to issue mechanical righ licenses, collect license fees and distribute them as royalties to its members.

So which of the above are you a member of?

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