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Lyrics: Maotong A Jeso – Lazarus Botsi


Ke ntse ke lebetse Morena
Go ikhutsa Maotong a gagwe
Gaufi le ena gore ke rutwe
Gore Moya waka o gomotswe

“I wait for the Lord
To Rest at His feet
Next to him for instruction
That my Spirit may be comforted” 

Go Monate thata
Go Monate thata
Go nna Maotong a Jeso – a Jeso
Go monate thata – thata go rutwa ke Jeso

“It’s really fun
It’s really fun
Being at the Feet of Jesus – of Jesus
It is very interesting – much to be taught by Jesus” 

Boitumelo bo mo go ene
Le pholo e – e itekanetseng
E e tswang mading – a itshekisang
A tswa letlhakoreng la gagwe 

“Happiness is in Him
And healthy healing
Which comes from blood – which cleanses
The blood which comes out from his side”