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Interview: Face to face with Minister Lombard Matshinge


We chat to Ingoma’s Gospel Song of the Year winner Lombard Matshinge

You have seen him on television, you have heard him on radio, and if your are have been fortunate enough to catch him live on stage, you have witnessed his out of this world performances. I am talking about none other than Minister Lombard Matshinge. I had the honour to chat to the multi-award winning songwriter, producer and vocalist about his background, his recent award as well as the formula to succeed in the industry. This is what he had to say…

You are known as Minister Lombard to the world, what are the names on your birth certificate?

I am named Tshilidzi Lombard Matshinge

Some people think you are Nigerian, where were you born?

I was born in Venda, Limpopo and grew up in the village of Tshithuthuni. I attended both my primary and secondary schooling in Tshithuthuni Primary and later Tshithuthuni Secondary School. I am the first born in the family of three. I grew up in a poor background where among my chores was to guide donkeys. As a kid people used to call me “ Madongi” meaning The Man of Donkeys.

How did you get saved?

I received Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1995 under the ministration of Pastor RT Rathando who later became my father in Law. I got born again at a crusade. Actually, that day I had prepared myself to go and disturb the crusade with a friend of mine, but God changed the story and I left the crusade a new creature.

I hear you are in the engineering fields as well, is this true?
Yes, I have been working as a Geotechnical Specialist in the Civil Engineering field for more than 19 years. I have a National Diploma in Civil Engineering and still furthering my studies.

What kind of a kid were you, naughty or well disciplined

I was not too naughty growing up. So much that I had a tendency of going drunk to crusades that would be held in my village just to make noise.

And the music bug, when did it bite you?

After being born again, I started playing drums, moved to piano before I tried my hand at singing. In 2003, I relocated to Johannesburg, and joined Winners Chapel Johannesburg. In no time I became a worship leader and a percussionist playing Conga Drums. The rest is history.

You have just won the most coveted category in the Ingoma awards, Song of the year, how does it feel?

I am humbled and encouraged because that which the Lord has begun is being fulfilled. Most importantly this award serve as the yardstick to measure how well my craft is being received. It tells me that although we still have a long way to go in improving the craft, people do appreciate the effort made. It is fulfilling when you bring a new sound and people receive it warmly. It tells you that people love and appreciate authenticity.


Tell us about the song: Tshanda Tsha Yehova

Tshanda Tsha Yehova is summarized by these scriptures.Psalm 31:15, My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those who pursue me; Acts 7:50-60, Has not my hand made all these things?; and Job 12:10, In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

During the trying times we have faced more especially with 2020 being a year that everyone will live to remember, it is only by God’s hand that we are protected and brought thus far. This year has proved to all men that “His Hand” is all we need.

This is not the first time you have won an Ingoma, what is your winning formula?

“Muthu Ndi Muthu nga Vhathu” (meaning that you are who you are by people). Listen, you are not an island. Never take people for granted and feel you don’t need them. My formula is to go out to the people, not only to canvass because I need their votes but go to churches just to visit them so that they know that I am not using them but I appreciate them. Without them buying or believing in my ministry, all would be in vain.

When I’m nominated and ask them for votes, they easily vote for me because they know I’m not using them. I genuinely care about my people. I also make it a point that after winning the awards, I go back to those churches with the award to show them and thank them. Because of their votes, in the space of 3 years since my first live DVD, I have won 5 awards which is humbling. It’s all because of my people and the grace of God upon my life.

Industry Tip: As much as one has the Grace of God, God will not come down from heaven and vote for you, you need men to do that, so never act superior or untouchable. Remain humble.

Your music is loved all over the country, what makes you brand unique?

Being true to yourself is attractive. When you are honest with who you are and deliver that to the masses with no shame or trying to be someone else, that will attract the masses. I have remained true to myself and recognized that I brought a different sound. I never changed how i sing so I can fit in. My individuality is what makes me stand out from the rest.

Industry Tip: Always be true to who you are, a copycat can never beat an original.

I’m a fan, I want to show support after reading this article, what is the one thing I can do for you right now?

You can show me support by purchasing my music online as well as sharing the legitimate links. Also keep streaming my music online and subscribing to my YouTube channel. That’s a show of love I will really appreciate.

Oh, you can also support me by voting for me as I have been nominated on the Mpumalanga Gospel Awards.

Any word of encouragement to aspiring musicians who want to reach your status?

The journey to your promised land begins with a single “step” . Take that step towards your desired goal. Be true to who you are. Never try to fit in, never try to sound like someone else. God made you to stand out. Be ready to bulldoze your way because there are no handouts in this industry. This is one of the toughest industries to be in so your vision must be clear and you must be ready to give it your all.

Finally, please share your Social Media Handles

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter I am @ministerlombard. For bookings call 076 793 0451.

Lombard Matshinge’s latest album Scaling Higher Heights is available on all digital platforms, click the button below to purchase/stream #GospelBuzz