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Hendrick Monyeki and Takie Ndou easter colabo, ‘Tshepo Yaka’


Monyeki announces easter offering, ‘Unmerited Favour’ and multilingual single ‘Tshepo Yaka’

Jazz and Gospel musician Hendrick Monyeki is working on an album to be titled ‘Unmerited Favour’. As front runner on the project, Monyeki as announced the single titled ‘Tshepo Yaka’ which features the multi-award winning Takie Ndou. ‘Tshepo Yaka’ is about God being our hope in the midst of any hardships we may face. The song composed by Hendrick during the Lockdown was inspired by the the hand of God that took him through tough times.

The vernacular ‘Tshepo Yaka‘ is an upbeat, and easy sing-along expressed in Sesotho and Tshivenda. The collaboration manages to blend both Takie’s and Hendrick’s signature styles seamlessly creating a unified message of hope. “Although I was not receiving any income due to no longer getting performance bookings, God somehow found ways to provide for me.” Said Hendrick. “I wrote the song as a way to thank him and proclaim that my trust lies in him regardless of what challenges I go through”. He added.

‘Unmerited Favour’ drops on Good Friday, the 2nd of April 2020. #GospelBuzz