Do you mind sharing your age with us?
I am turning 28 on the 26th November this year.

What is your real name?
My real names in full are Mukovhe Peter Magwedze.

How did you become Mr Majo?
Well Majo is short for Magic, that was a nickname me and a brother of mine Tondi Rams gave each other back in our dancing days, so I later cut it short to Majo and as I grew the Mr was also added.

Christians comedians are scarce. Who do you look to for inspiration?
My biggest inspirations had to undoubtably be The Napsta, he is just amazingly gifted and the best to watch, hopefully I will get a chance to work with him in the near future.

DVDs are popular for stand-up comedy, when can we expect one from Mr Majo?
I have a DVD out now called Danger, which is my very first DVD shot live at Khoroni Resort in Venda and also the very first Stand-Up Comedy DVD done in Venda.

Tell us about your Faith walk
Well I was raised in a very christ oriented family, so church and God is all I have known for all my life. Though I did derail during my varsity days and kind of lost my way that was really the time I truly found God by myself and had a true relationship with him, I owe a lot my mom and late Uncle Bishop Sammy for never giving up on me

What is your biggest achievement this far?
In all honesty there is a lot buy if I had to mention one I would truly say its winning the INGOMA Best Gospel Comedian Award two years in succession, that was just amazing, a young kid from the streets of Makwarela in Venda to go and come out tops in national awards is hard for me to comprehend even now. It can only be God

Finally, please share with us your Social Media handles
Facebook: Mr Majo #AlmostFamous
Twitter: @Mr_Majo