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Buzz interview: Women In Praise, Thembi Mbonyana


We chat to the songstress behind the hit We Bathandwa

After a long hunt, we finally managed to spend time with the ever smiling, ever laughing, songstress Thembi Mbonyana. This is what the Woman In Worship had to say.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Loving.. Hard-Worker… Go-Getter!

Briefly tell us about your upbringing

I was born and bred in a village called Taung in the North West Province. I’m an orphan, with neither parents but God has been a great pillar of my life. He has blessed me with my grandmother who raised me. I love her too much and she is everything to me.

So, how did you get into the music business?

This is definitely a God given gift I grew up with. I matriculated in 2009, and in 2010 I moved to Johannesburg just to chase after my dream. Professionally, I started singing in 2011 behind the scenes and in 2018 I caught a big break by auditioning for Spirit of Praise. By God’s grace “I made it”. In 2019 I got an opportunity to also audition for Women In Praise, as a lead artist, I was also taken there. Spirit Music has definitely provided my major breaks and I’m still enjoying that journey even now.

You are part of one of the most successful music franchises in the country, Spirit Of Praise, how is that experience?

Dreams do come true. I am thinking that I used to say, “I want to be on that stage and I will be on that stage”, and God finally did it. It is definitely a dream come true and I love that family. The best experience for me is learning the art, growing to be wise, and learning more about the business side of the industry. For me that is crucial. So I appreciate every moment of being on that platform.

Tell us a funny story from your touring experience

I can only think of Spirit of Praise Family in this case. They are just a very funny group of people. I’m even laughing now just thinking about them (laughs).

I just enjoy travelling with that crew in the same bus for hours and laughing non-stop (laughs some more). My touring Experience is just full of laughs and I look forward to more experiences. If only Virus Corona didn’t strike (laughs).

Are your devotional routines different between touring season and other seasons?

So being busy all the time and travelling a lot made me realise, “Okay wait, actually, I need to bring all my devotional routines together because wow, they are important”. For me to function well during touring season, I have to be one with God. In short my routes are inseparable.

What was your coping mechanism during the lockdown?

Definitely God’s Word. My intimate worship sessions with Him and my grandmother who is my support system. She prays for me more than she prays for herself and she was just so strong for me as I was just a mess emotionally. It was hard to cope but I’m stronger as she was there for me. She still is and always will. I love her so much.

Tell us one fun fact about Women Of Praise

Oh wow, my girls, (smiling). Fun Fact is I am always going to laugh when I’m with them (laughs), yes I do laugh a lot (blushes and laughs more). They aren’t boring at all and we connect so well together. It helps because we work easily that way. We have developed a friendship and Sisterhood. It’s just a beautiful experience.

Are we expecting a Thembi Mboyana solo single anytime soon?

It is definitely in my mind and heart. I’m looking into it and just going with God’s flow. I don’t just want to do anything until He has given me a word to release. But, do watch this space!

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Finally, “If you want it, you believe in it, you believe God for it, it is all yours, and it will happen.”

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