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Buzz Interview: Upclose with Londiwe Sphe Nxumalo


For me MTN Joyous Celebration is a school. I’m learning everyday

We asked the GospelBuzzers who we should interview and Londiwe Sphe Nxumalo’s name came up. Although the nationwide lockdown made it difficult to sit down with your favorite artist to interview, we were persistent and secured a WhatsApp interview. This is how it went…

In 5 words, Who is Londiwe Sphe Nxumalo?

Humble, innovative, ambitious, personable, honest

Tell us about your upbringing

I grew up in Swaziland staying with my mom and grandparents then later moved to my father’s home at Pongola in KZN. My favorite person was my grandfather who taught me most things. Even though they never had much, they taught me the Word of God which worth more than gold.

What is your earliest memory of your singing?

In Swaziland, the church I used to fellowship in did not have a worship team or sound system for that matter, so I started singing there. I also used to sing Rock of Ages by Hlengiwe Mhlaba when I was in Grade 11 at Pongola.

You are part of Joyous Celebration, what is that like?

For me MTN Joyous Celebration is a school. I’m learning everyday. Whenever we meet, I am learning music, how to handle social media, the music business and more. I am grateful for being part of such a big project.

Share with us the funniest story while on tour

So when I came to MTN Joyous Celebration I was under the impression that we have a make-up artist for every show and I didn’t know how to do my own make-up. This one show, yooo everybody started doing their make-up, and I had no idea where to start. I learned the hard way ???

We hear there is a new album cooking, please share the details

The album is titled Ngenzelw’ isimanga and it’s coming out soon. I’m hoping before this month ends. It is a collection of 10 songs.

So, how do you describe your sound?

My sound is an expression of Africa praising God. It is Traditional Gospel, that will definitely make you fall in love with God, worship and while it allows you to be proud of being an African. It is a sound you will not get anywhere else but here at home in “Africa”.

2020 has been a challenge to most people, how are you coping?

Grace upon grace that all I can say. God’s ways are mysterious

Somebody is going through a tough season right now, what is your word of encouragement to them?

One Word “Akhonamandla”. Once you belive that you have conquered.

Please share your Social Media handles with us

Londiwe Sphe Nxumalo on both Facebook and Instagram

Finally, any word to aspiring gospel artists?

Figure out who you are. That will help you determine your sound. And hold on to it. It is easy to become yourself than coping somebody else. also, your first priority must be the people you have been called for. They can only be served if you walk on your calling and anointing. #GospelBuzz