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Buzz Interview: The multi-award winning Sbu Banda


My Dad used to put me on his lap when he played the keyboard, and I fell in love with it

Sbu Banda is a charismatic gospel music artist with style and swag. Also known as ‘The Gospel Dude’ don’t ask me where that comes from, he is well known for his fashion line, philanthropy and being a regular at the Crown Gospel Awards. We were blessed to do a virtual interview with him, and this is how it went…

You are known as Sbu Banda to the world, what are your names on the birth certificate?

(Laughs) You guys are asking a question I’ve always avoided ?. My names are Sibusiso Macmillan Banda.

We had a long argument at the office other day about pronouncing your surname correctly, how do you pronounce it?

I hear that quite a lot especially when I do interviews with radio presenters from KZN. It is Banda (Bhandah), like the former Malawian president ?

Briefly tell us about your upbringing

I was born in a Christian and musical family. My parents met in the church choir where my Dad was a Music Director playing the keys and my Mom was the lead singer.

As a kid, what did you aspire to be when you grow up?

I wanted to a be a Doctor or a Business Man. I’ve always loved money ? and as a kid I always told my Mom “I wanna marry a white woman” (laughs)

And the music bug, where did that one come from?

From as long as I can remember, my Dad used to put me on his lap when he played the keyboard, and I fell in love with it from then. One time I sneaked into the wardrobe where he kept his keyboard and started playing it, my parents were scared thinking the house is haunted, with the keyboard playing itself (laughs)

You have won a Crown Gospel Award, how does it feel like to be on that stage, with all those eyes and that glory on your hand?

I’ve actually won 4 crowns between 2016 and 2019, and every time it happens it feels new and so unbelievably exciting and encouraging. My team and I put in so much work onto the music, PR, and marketing. So winning an award is the best earthly reward while we wait for the heavenly crowns.

The lockdown has been hard for most people, how are you coping?

It’s been hard for me too. The lockdown came just when my album was dropping. I had bookings cancelled and had put my nationwide tour on hold as well. However, it has afforded me the time seek God more and write new music. I can’t wait for this pandemic to disappear so we can have our lives back.

If there’s any good out of the lockdown, tell us about it

Definately, new songs, more time to myself, more time with family and above all more time to pray

Brand wise and musically what can we expect from Sbu Banda next?

Oh yes, I have th SB clothing range, am dropping a few singles before the end of the year and releasing a new album early next year. We keep marching forward ✊?

The game is changing, what is your favourate streaming platform and which song do you want us to stream on repeat this season?

I’m always on iTunes or Spotify. You can definitely stream my recent hit YEBO NO AMENI on any of your favorite digital platforms. It is a gem and should be your daily jam to keep you encouraged.

Any word of encouragement for those who need upliftment this season?

We all need to be uplifted in this season, no one is exempted from this pandemic however God has spared us. The Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord so we can only be grateful for the gift of life. I encourage all people to stay at home as much as possible and follow all precautionary measures. Finally, Everything has an expiry date and this pandemic will also pass, let’s hang in there.

Sbu Banda’s album Pentecost Move Revival is currently available on sale on all digital platforms. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @sbubanda #GospelBuzz