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Buzz Interview: One on One with Paul K


I always want to produce the best

In 5 words, Who is Paul K

I’m a God fearing man, Husband and father of 4, song writer and a producer

How did your music journey begin?

It all started in early 2000, although I only only recorded my first professional project in 2009

You have a distinct sound, would you describe it?

My sound is more of your traditional Gospel. But I focus on the emotions.

Tell us about your latest single, Moya

Wow Moya… Moya is a song that speaks about a broken heart and the only solution fellowship with the Holy Spirit

The Moya music video is different, tell us about the art direction

I always want to produce the best and it really took us time to come up with something it different to the normal Gospel videos that we normally see on television. Neo Msimaka and myself conceptualised the video.

We’ve been on lockdown, how do you keep your fans engaged

Every two weeks I do live streaming on my Facebook page I’ve actually titled it “Lockdown Worship in Hymns”

You got nominated for a Crown Award last year, tell us about that night

It was for the Best Live DVD and the feeling was out of this world. I thank God for the new standard. To have your name alongside big brands like Spirit of Praise is a blessing on its own. And yes, Spirit took the award home. Congratulations to them.

Streaming is the buzz word these days, which one your favorite platform

YouTube Music and Google Play. My music is there, go download and stream.

Please share your Social Media handles with us

My Facebook profile is Paul K Kganyago and my Page name is Paul k Kganyago Fun Club.

My Instagram handle is @Paulkkganyago

And on Twitter I am @Paul _ Kganyago (If you are reading this, please follow me… LOLs)

Finaly, one advice for upcoming artists

Nothing is impossible push until something happens always trust in God #GospelBuzz