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Buzz interview: Nigeria’s latest vocal powerhouse, Favour George


I describe the music I create as my experiential knowledge of God being poured out to the masses

She is a regular on Trace Africa. You have heard her on your favourate radio station, and she is Nigeria’s next biggest export in the gospel genre. Ladies and gentlemen, the vocal powerhouse behind the hit Endless Praise, Favour George.

Who is Favour George?

I am Favor George , I’m happily married to Mr Ovieteme George, our marriage is blessed with 3 Children, I have two degrees one in Law and the second in Business Management, and I’m a minister of the gospel.

Tell us about your upbringing

I’m from a military home, my dad was a Colonel in the Nigeria army, I had very disciplined parents, and we were brought up in the fear of God

Where did you grow up

I was born in Lagos, I spent most of my life in the Northern part of Nigeria, relocated often because of my dad posting to different states.

How would you describe the music that you typically create

I’ll describe the music I create as a message, I’ll also say it’s my experiential knowledge of God being poured out to the masses.

What is the Nigeria music scene like right now

Nigerian music scene Is truly on a global milestone, we’ve gotten international recognition, we also feature a lot of international stars.

What is your creative process like

I won’t call it a process, I’ll rather say it’s a gift God has given to me, I don’t have a singular process of creativity but it’s majorly from God

Who would you like to collaborate with in South Africa and Internationally

I’ll say Dr Tumi from South Africa because his songs and ministrations makes me feel God’s presence in an unimaginable way. Internationally I’ll love to collaborate Tamela Mann from America she’s truly a blessing to me, there’s a grace on her life I aspire for myself.

Is it music business or is it music ministry

Singing Gospel songs is a gift and an assignment given to me from God it’s purely a ministry.

South Africans love Nigerian music, how is South African music being received that side of the world

South African music is widely accepted and loved in Nigeria, it has a unique flair.

The entire world has been under lockdown, how have you been coping

This lockdown period gave me more time to meditate, and focus. It has really been great.

How do you feel the digital era has impacted the music business

The digital era has impacted positively a great deal to the music industry in the world at large it has been a source through which the music can be heard across the globe.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given

A friend once said to me You are unique in whatever you do, you’re the best of your kind. It made me see life a whole new way, it’s there best advice I can say I’ve had.

What advice would you give to someone or starting off in the industry right now

To those out there just starting up in the music industry or you’ve been there for a while, I’ve got just one word for you all. He makes all things beautiful in his time, just keep on keeping on.

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