Anele Sabani is a young and vibrant upcoming gospel artist, born and bred in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. It was the beginning of February 2015 when he started to feel severe headaches but never went to see a doctor. On the 27th of April 2015 he suffered a mild stroke and he was rushed to Tygerburg hospital where he was immediately admitted. Doctors ran a series of tests including a brain scan and the results came back positive of a brain tumour. He was then taken to the Neurology wing where he spent 28 days hospitalised.

One of the day as he was lying in his hospital bed wondering what was going to happen next, he encouraged himself saying: “Anele you shall not die but live and proclaim the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”, he then burst out into a new song. Later that day Doctors ran more tests but this time the results returned negative, there was absolutely no trace of a tumour in his brain. He broke out in song, thanking and worshiping God. There was just this song that he had never heard before that kept on playing in his heart and head; “Avula iminyango evalekile amandla endumiso akhulula izibopho ezinzima”. In disbelief, the doctor suggested an MRI but still no tumour was found, he was then discharged. #GospelBuzz