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Buzz interview: TV man and muso who loves the Lord, Ricwa


I know that I was born to tell stories that can change peoples lives for the best.

As GospelBuzz we are excited we got to chat with the man behind one of the highly watched TV show in Mzansi, Skeem Saam. We spoke about dangerous neighbourhoods, television, coloured jokes, Hip-Hop and ministry. Ladies and gentlemen, Ricwa.

You are known by many as Ricwa, what is your birth name?

Ricardo Winston Klassen

Who named you “Ricwa”, And why?

When I was young I joined a gang called The Outlaws. The gang leader gave me that name. I don’t know why he gave me that name but only when I got saved did God reveal to me the meaning of the name. Revived In Christ With Anointing (RICWA).

Briefly tell us about your upbringing

I’m from the south of Johannesburg from a place called Ennerdale Extention 11. People called it Varke Jart which means pigs town. Basically people would say pigs live there, like it was a dangerous place. Joined the gang when I was 13 years old. Strangely. we never saw ourselves as gangsters, just a group of friends up to mischief.

As a kid, what were your aspirations. And what are your aspirations today?

I use to look up to Drug dealers. I wanted to be like them as they had all the respect, nice cars and hot girls. We never really had any positive role models or celebrities that we as the youth could connect with. I really enjoyed dancing and a party was not a party if Ricwa wasn’t there. I also enjoyed recording my friends and family with my dads video camera.

I’m living my new aspiration, telling great inspirational movies. I know that I was born to tell stories that can change peoples lives for the best.

You are in the glamorous media industry, what do you do? Who have you worked with and do you like what you do?

I’m a Scriptwriter, Director and Video Editor. I have worked with a lot of big names and I have worked with a lot of up and coming actors as well. It has always been about who can play the character the best instead of who is more popular for me. Do I like what I do? well, it more like THIS IS WHAT I WAS BORN TO DO.

You have met many famous people, do you still get star-struck?

(Laughs), no hey they just normal people that got a break into the industry.

Please share a clean coloured joke

They all dirty but we praying God will clean them. (GospelBuzz laughs)

You are a musician as well, tell us about your brand

The label is called Kingdom Vision. I have three mixtapes out and one collaboration project with Keagan Holland called Kings Of The South. Ricwa is all about good music. There is no limits but I love old school samples. I love clean music videos as well. They must not be to busy.

What inspires you to make music?

Honestly to change the narrative of my people. That we not all gangsters or violent people but God fearing Jesus Freaks.

So, is your genre Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) or Gospel Rap?

I don’t know what the difference between Gospel rap and Christian Hip Hop. I just do music to glorify my maker.

What is the current state of CHH now in South Africa

It is there but it’s also not there. We have moments when someone is on mainstream media and then we go quiet. We not making real money to make this a lifestyle. We need to keep the momentum going though, myself included.

Tell is about the single, God Will Make a Way

It the first single Keagan an I worked on for the Kings Of The South album. It debuted on the Top 10 of SA iTunes charts. We thank God for the support, it is truly a blessing.

Finally, please share your Social Media handles

Easy, Facebook @Ricwa, Twitter @Ricwa, and IG @ricwaonline